Fun and Creative Activities for Kids During the July School Holidays

Fun and Creative Activities for Kids During the July School Holidays

Keep Your Kids Engaged and Creative with Fluid Art Workshops at Bearish Sydney

Looking for exciting and creative activities for your kids during the upcoming July school holidays in Sydney? Bearish Sydney offers the perfect solution with our fluid art workshops designed to inspire and entertain children of all ages.

Why Choose Bearish Sydney for School Holiday Activities?

  1. Ignite Creativity:

Our fluid art workshops encourage kids to express themselves through vibrant colours and imaginative designs, fostering a love for art and creativity.

  1. Hands-On Fun:

Children will enjoy a hands-on experience, learning new techniques and creating their own unique fluid art bear to take home.

  1. Safe and Non-Toxic:

We use non-toxic, washable acrylic paints, ensuring a safe and mess-free environment for your kids to explore their artistic talents.

What We Offer

Guided Sessions:

Our friendly instructors provide step-by-step guidance, making it easy for kids to create beautiful fluid art pieces while having fun.

DIY Kits for At-Home Fun:

For added convenience, we offer DIY kits that can be enjoyed at home, perfect for keeping your kids engaged throughout the school holidays.

Birthday Parties and Group Events:

Make your child’s holiday extra special with a fluid art birthday party or group event, tailored to your preferences and hosted at our vibrant studio.

Book Your School Holiday Activity Today

Don’t miss out on the chance to keep your kids creatively engaged this July school holiday. Book a fluid art workshop at Bearish Sydney and watch them discover the joy of art.

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